Global Handwashing Day
15 October

Despite many social actions and campaigns devoted to the so called “diseases of dirty hands”, we are still not sufficiently aware of the risks brought on by ignoring proper and regular hand hygiene. To underscore the importance of the problem, UNICEF, supported by the World Health Organization, has designated 15 October to be Global Handwashing Day.

Why should caring about hand hygiene be a priority in everyday disesase prevention? This is because our hands provide a very good environment for the growth of micro-organisms, and that can easily lead to hepatitis A, dysentery, flu or food poisoning. To prevent the ”dirty hands disease”, physicians recommend washing hands with soap and water, especially before eating food or after using the toilet.
The Polish State Sanitary Inspectorate informs that proper and regular hand hygiene is able to reduce diarrhea cases by more than 40 percent and respiratory infections by 25 percent. But how to keep our hands clean in those situations, when using running water is not possible — while travelling, shopping, or on public transport? This problem can be solved by using hand gels CleanHands, which refresh hands without a need for using water. They are easy and safe to use, and thanks to convenient packaging sizes you can always have them with you, especially in autumn, when our immune system is being put to a severe test.

Keeping hands clean limits the risk of dangerous infectious diseases. It is good to remember about this fact, and to keep our hands clean not only on 15 October, Global Handwashing Day, but all year round.