Because it is important
to keep your hands clean

The beginning of each school year is also the beginning of the season of colds and infections. The contact between children in school or kindergarten leads to a constant exchange of bacteria strains between them, weakening their immune systems. There is no magic bullet solution that would fully protect the child from all contact with microorganisms, but the risk of infection can be reduced by following a few basic rules. One of them is proper hand hygiene.

In the interest of the health and safety of our little ones, from an early age we should instill in them the importance of proper hand hygiene. It is through hands, after all, that disease-causing bacteria and viruses spread. Children like to emulate their parents. Therefore, if we want to develop in them good hygiene habits, we should be role models for them in this regard. Seeing that Mom and Dad always wash their hands before eating food, after using the toilet, or after playing with the dog, it will be easier for the child to remember that this is something that always should be done. It is also important that children know how to wash their hands the right way—both children and adults tend to do it for much too short. Also, many people think that to remove bacteria it is enough to get the hands wet. Nothing could be further from truth. To remove germs entirely, one needs to wash one’s hands with soap and water for about 30 seconds. After that, the hands need to be carefully dried with a towel, since it is easier for microorganisms to adhere to wet hands.

Proper hand hygiene is of substatnial significance to the health of the child and the entire family. What to do, however, if washing one’s hands under running water is not possible, e.g. when in a car, on a tram, on a children’s playground, or when taking a walk? The best way to keep hands clean under any circumstances is to use a hand-clensing gel, not requiring the use of water. Gels CleanHands are products with an exceptionally effective formula. Light texture makes them easy to apply and absorb, leaving on the skin a pleasant feeling of freshness. Active ingredients with nurturing properties moisturize and nourish, as well as prevent excessive drying of the hands. CleanHands gels are available in handy packagings of a few sizes. The formulation of the gels, beside biocide ingredients, contains also aloe and pro-vitamin B5. A new addition to our range of products is a gel enriched with collagen and vitamin E.